For the blogging. Hotel Sv. Križ is the perfect place to describe the sights of a destination.


The blog is an ideal informative page that will describe the contents of the destination of the Split-Dalmatia County and the whole of Dalmatia.

Because of it, we will publish blog posts whenever possible with an interesting topic. Likewise, the purpose of the blog will be to connect with potential visitors and readers of our blog. Above all,  we want to share useful information and insights from our destination with audience who will benefit from such content.

We will write the blog out of a hint of a destination that has something to show. In addition,  we want to interest potential guests for Central Dalmatia.

Dalmatia history

Dalmatia and its development were influenced by the Greeks as well as the Romans.

Firstly, in the first century, Dalmatia came under Roman rule, and the center became the city of Salona. Because of  the division of the Roman Empire, Dalmatia falls under the Western Roman Empire. In the other worlds it is exposed to intense migration of peoples.

About Croatia

One of the nations that came to Dalmatia are the Croats in VII. century, who permanently settled here. In addition, in the tenth century, the Croatian Kingdom emerged and it was under the rule of the Croatian kings. The whole Middle Ages is a distinctly turbulent period. Above all, authorities and influences of the Hungarians, Venetians as well as the Turks. After that, at the beginning of the new century, the Austrians, changed.

Dalmatia was in a short period at the beginning of the XIX.  century part of the French Illyrian Provinces. After that, they returned to the Habsburg Monarchy. In addition,  Slavic and Croatian start to strengthen. Because of the First World War, parts of Dalmatia were the subject of international disputes. In addition, between the newly created states and the Kingdom of Italy. The whole of Dalmatia was annexed to Croatian countries at the end of II. It also included the establishment of the Republic of Croatia and defense in the Homeland War.

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