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Hotel Sveti Kriz

Hotel Sveti Kriz

The four – star hotel Sveti Križ is located along the beautiful shore of the Holy Cross bay, near the city of Trogir. It has a perfect view of the surrounding cities of Kastela and Split, as well as the Adriatic sea.

Furthermore, mediterranean vegetation around the pool and spacious balconies, cafes and restaurants all add to this unique atmosphere.

Hotel is located on the Ciovo island, in the heart of Dalmatia. Two bridges connect Ciovo to one of the most beautiful island cities in the world, Trogir. Trogir’s unique location between Croatian mainland and Ciovo makes this place so special and romantic. On the other hand, Ciovo island is an excellent starting point for exploring historic Dalmatian cities. In addition to that, national parks ‘Krka’ and ‘Kornati’ are very close, as well as many smaller islands. Right next to the hotel there is a beach perfect for diving or fishing, and just a little bit away from that, there is a magnificent Sveti Kriz Cross Monastery. This church is decorated with a big garden and valuable art collection. Ciovo island has been an oasis of spiritual peace since the 15th century, and this spirit is still present today.

Split airport is only 6 kilometers away.

Although one of the main attractions is the close proximity to a rich nightlife of Trogir, our hotel is suitable for people of all ages. That being said, you can expect the best luxury accomodation no matter what purpose of your trip may be or who are you traveling with.

Hotel Sveti Kriz

In the hotel Sveti Kriz, you can experience a real mediterranean atmosphere. One example is starting a day by drinking coffee in the shadow of pine trees on our peaceful beach.

Hotel sveti Kriz hotel has been completely renovated and offers a top quality accomodation. We are located in the heart of the island of Ciovo, 3 kilometers from the historic city of Trogir. What makes us so attractive is that all our hotels have an easy access to the beach. Moreover, here you can find a perfect combination of mediterranean nature and our relaxed, easy – going way of life.

Hotel Sveti Kriz and Active Holidays

The ‘Ciovo Desert Roads Program’ is a set of trails on our beautiful island. Whether you decide to take a hike or ride a bicycle, you will surely enjoy your trip. The reason for that are numerous beaches, untouched nature, small churches and traditional restaurants along the way. Since our hotel is right next to where this trail goes, it makes it an excellent place to start your journey.

An active vacation is even better when you share the experiences with somebody else. Because our hotel is family owned, it is ideal for any active vacation with your loved ones. In addition to that, some of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia are less than two hours drive from Holy Cross.

Hoteli Sveti Kriz
Hoteli Sveti Križ
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Hoteli Sveti Križ

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