The Town of Trogir


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The Town of Trogir

The Town of Trogir is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List 2014 and is listed as the most beautiful island city in the world according to National Geographic. The history of Trogir dates back to ancient times as a settlement founded by Greek colonists during the third century BC.

The Town of Trogir and Its History


Already during the Roman reign, Trogir was recognized as an oasis of peace. Therefore, many Romans built villas at that time. Emperor Claudius settled his war veteran in Trogir. Trogir has a rich cultural and historical heritage that is widely discussed. Its continuity of urban life has been around since the time of the Greek colonization of the Adriatic, and as a medieval commune, it reaches exceptional cultural reach.

However, it should be noted that the problems of medieval and late medieval Trogir mostly attract the attention of experts. For Trogir, this was a period of exceptional cultural and artistic achievement. One of the key reasons for the successful development of the city lies precisely in its rich ancient background and its long-lasting influence on the spiritual life of the city in the upcoming periods. In contrast, compared to other coastal towns that rest on the ancient core, the material remains of the ancient heritage of Trogir are very modest.

Cultural and artistic achievements

As part of the Trogir Cultural Summer, many musical evenings are held, theatrical stage events, folk festivals, fishing nights, folklore shows, and other interesting events.

The Manifestation of the True Hand of the Coast, the Zagora, and the Sheco – from Kairos to this day include a presentation and promotion of indigenous products, traditional crafts, and folklore heritage.

Attractions The Town of Trogir

Trogir prides itself on the first European Pharmacy. The view of the city is dominated by the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, which was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The following sights should also be visited in the city:

Kamerlengo Tower

Cipiko Palace

City gate

Rector’s Palace

Trogir waterfront

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

Benedictine monastery of Sv. Nicholas

City Museum

Sacred Art Museum

The tree of love

The most beautiful island city in the world

Trogir has been named the most beautiful island city in the world by the National Geography

Destination Dalmatia

The most beautiful island City in the world

Trogir has been declared the most beautiful island city in the world by National Geographic

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