Bol je jedno od vodećih turističkih središta na Jadranu. Prvi put je proglašen turističkim prvakom 1965. godine i od tada je uvijek u samom vrhu. Hrvatska gospodarska komora i Hrvatska radiotelevizija smatraju Bol turističkim prvakom Hrvatske.

The Town of Bol

The town of Bol was first mentioned as a site in 1184 in the Povlja Charter, made in the building of the so-called Dioceses (Dominican monastery). The settlement of Bol was first mentioned on October 10, 1475, in a donation by which Prince Zacharia donated the Glavica Peninsula to the Dominicans. The name was most likely derived from the combination of the Roman appellant vallum and the Slavic coast.

The Town of Bol and there History

The town of Bol was built on the site of a Roman settlement (early Christian sarcophagi, the remains of a Roman water tank above the Golden War). In 827 it was destroyed by the Saracens. Fragments of ornamentation have been preserved in the church of St. John most likely from the 11th century. Similarly, walls around the monastery were preserved as well.

In the 15th century, a castle with richly decorated Gothic windows on the south facade, was built next to the pier. There also stands a Jelicic family house from the Renaissance period and a castle on the coast from the beginning of the 17th century.


A special mention is made of the complex of the Dominican monastery on Glavica. The Dominican community was formed at the Episcopal Palace, and a religious community sought and asked for a place to build a monastery and church. In 1475, they built a monastery and a new church dedicated to Our Lady of Grace.

In the 17th century, The Bolsheviks were building a new ship at their own expense. The bell tower next to the church was completed in the middle of the 18th century. On the main altar is a prominent painting of Our Lady of the Child, surrounded by saints related to the history of the church and the Dominican order. This painting was painted in the workshop of the Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto in 1563.


Sights of the City of Bol

Bol offers a wide gastronomic offer, clubs, and numerous sports facilities. In addition to its cultural identity and long history, as well as the archaeological collection in the museum inside the beautiful Dominican monastery, Bol also offers its beautiful coastline, with its distinct tourist attraction – Zlatni rat beach. It is connected to the mainland by catamaran lines and a nearby Brač airport. In addition to Bol, there are more interesting places to visit on Brač, such as the Dragon Cave and Blaca Desert.

Bol is also worth visiting for its historical and cultural sites. We recommend going on a tour of ancient churches, visiting the museum at the Dominican Monastery and The Branislav Dešković Gallery.

Bol also offers rich cultural and entertainment programs during the tourist season – Bol Summer: concerts, events, exhibitions, festivals, fishing evenings, and similar.

As for recreation, guests can use cycling and hiking trails, sports at sea, and a view of the nearby islands from Vidova Gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands at 778 meters above sea level.

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