Heritage Hotel Bol

1 Beds + extra bed

3 Persons

Private parking

Standard offer of each room includes:

  • Total coast free high speed and wireless internet
  • Air conditioning
  • sef,
  • mini bar,
  • satellite TV with LCD display,

On each level, the interiors are marked by modern  signature of elegance and luxurious comfort and are complemented by overlooking the sea.

All Rooms are air-conditioned with an en-suite bathroom  that provides shower and free toiletries, Parking is provided on the spot.

Hotel Heritage „Sveti Križ”

Hotel Heritage „Sveti Križ” at the Bol, with the Dalmatian’s beauty, has a tradition since  1937. year.

 Hotel is situated near the Dominican’s convent in the city of Bol, on a half-island called, Glavica, on the eastern side of city Bol. Together with the Church of „Gospe Milosne / Merciful Lady“ rapresents the special note to the place. In the Convent’s complex there is a rich middle-aged botanical Garden, which gives the opportunity to the Hotel’s guests to enjoy the abundance of peace and relax harmony.

Because of the unique location, the majority of room’s have attractive view on the see and the island of Hvar, which represents an ideal place to reduce stress and to delight the natural beauty of Dalmatia.

This year we have renovated our spaces to bring them closer to accomoditation wishes and needs of those who use our services.

Spacious rooms with the view on the coast have been equipped with the newest line of furniture, decorated with modern selected materials, LCD-TV, newly settled bathrooms are going to offer a complete atmosphere and comfort, as also a reason for your accommodation to become perfect.

Likewise, Hotel Heritage “Sveti Križ – Bol / could be an ideal place for holding a different seminars, conferences, meetings and banquets.

Lapidarij end Museum

Some steps further,  Lapidarij is situated, together with the museum of island archeological discoveries which contains a very appreciated manuscript, Church books and items, numismatic collection and archeological findings from all centuries as also a very valuable pictures from 15. and 18. C. A. C. (the most precious one is lately renesans Altar picture of Venetian’s master, Tintoretto).

            Dominican’s Convent in Bol is near the Franciscan’s Convent in Sumartin, the only one, which has manage to maintain on the island, until the contemporary days. It has been built by the and of the 15tf century when has diminished the Pirate’s jeopardy from the city of Omiš.

            Choosing the Hotel Heritage Sveti križ Bol /, you are receiving a warm, friendly environment with the charm of middle-aged as also modern surroundings. And we are going to take care to justify your trust.


Hotel has 26 modern equipped rooms which are going to satisfy your requirements if you want to awake in the room with the view on the see and the island of Hvar. The rooms have been designed to give the maximum convenience and functionality, which makes of our hotel=your proper home.

Every room is edited with the modern decor which provides a sense of warmth and comfort.

The rooms have been designed to give the maximum convenience and functionality, which makes of our hotel=your proper home.


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