Health Tourism

Health Tourism

The hotel Sveti Kriz offers its guests medical services – dental and rehabilitation.

Ciovo started the development of health tourism very early, mostly because of its unique climate. Specifically, Roman pines that are common here create natural oils that clean the air. Therefore, people have much easier time breathing. From the 15th century to 1970s, the Sveti Kriz Monastery was a destination for people with lungs – related diseases. The benefits of this climate are still present today and are attracting more and more guests with asthma problems to the Hotel Sveti Križ.

Just by staying on the island of Ciovo, walking by the sea or in the forest, you do a lot for your health.

Altogether, whether you’re looking for an actual treatment or just trying to improve your overall health, you can find various recreational programs at the Sveti Kriz Hotel.


Health Tourism

Medical tourism covers a wide range of services. For example, if the primary reason for your travel is medical attention, you can combine it with enjoying tourist attractions of the destination and visit nearby UNESCO cities and national parks.

We also offer dental medicine services thanks to our long tradition of offering patients an individual approach from the following branches of dental medicine: implantology, prosthetics, endodontics, restorative and aesthetic medicine.

Furthermore, we also offer rehabilitation programs as part of health tourism. Programs include: individual medical gymnastics with one therapist and physical procedures tailored to the patient’s condition and needs: therapeutic ultrasound magnetotherapy, electro-analgesic procedures, electrostimulation, continuous laser passive stretching, K-taping / kinesiotherapy, cryotherapy, and undergoing physical rehabilitation under constant therapy adapts to each individual’s capabilities and needs.

Physical procedures, manual techniques and kinesitherapy have the effect of reducing pain, stimulating healing processes, improving the tone of weakened muscles, affecting tissue elasticity and reducing the tension of certain muscle groups.

During rehabilitation, in addition to improving mobility, strength and endurance, the patient acquires knowledge and skills that will help him maintain the results achieved in everyday life, prevent recurrent injuries and slow down degenerative processes.

Medical Turism
Medical Turism
Zdravstveni turizam

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