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Destination Dalmatia stretches from Zadar to Dubrovnik. The rich Cultural Heritage preserved in stone, wood, its people. The music will bring to you all the treasures preserved by our ancients. Whether you are visiting Dalmatia as a guest or it is your home country, we believe that its rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture of all styles will be an element of admiration and inspiration. Also, the Mediterranean vegetation complements this experience of admiration.


Sightseeing Attractions

Moreover, Dalmatia is a favourite destination for those looking for a holiday away from the bustle of the city. Excursions to national parks with a rich gastronomic offer is an experience that you will be happy to remember. The presence of tourism is felt both on lakes, wild gorges, and narrow streets, small squares but also on attractive promenades and famous waterfronts.

The most famous tourist cities in Dalmatia are Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, Makarska, and Dubrovnik. Some of the most remarkable Dalmatian assets are the islands with the sunniest days per year.

Furthermore, the customs of knights or sword dancing are well known in Dalmatia. These customs are nurtured by traditional groups called ‘Kumpanije’. Most of them come from the island of Korčula. The most famous sword dance is Moreška, which is centred around four characters. There are Black and White King, Black King’s father, and an unarmed girl standing in the middle, while two armies fight for her by dancing and clashing their swords.

Croatian traditional Game’s

Also, a knight’s game that has been played in the city of Sinj since the 18th century is a valuable Croatian traditional treasure, which is under UNESCO protection.

Another interesting game that likewise attracts a lot of attention is children’s Alka, performed without a horse, as well as ‘Nijemo Kolo’.

The mute circuit is a special kind of circuit that is danced in the Dalmatian hinterland. Its special

The Nijemo Kolo is a special kind of circle dance originating from the Dalmatian hinterland. Its central feature is that it is performed without any vocal performance and is unaccompanied by instruments. Hence the name Nijemo Kolo – The Silent Wheel, which is listed on UNESCO- World Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Another intriguing legacy is different legends and folk tales associated with almost every fort. One of the most well-known is about a woman who, during a Turkish siege, hit one of the attackers with a large piece of cheese. Seeing that they were being hit by cheese, the Turks thought that the supplies of food and water in the fort were plentiful and that the siege could be prolonged, so they decided to withdraw.

Destination Dalmatia
Destination Dalmatia
Destination Dalmatia

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