Destination Dalmatia

Destination Dalmatia

Destination Dalmatia stretches from Zadar to Dubrovnik.  By visiting this part of Croatia, you will experience its rich culture and long history. We believe that Dalmatian beautiful cultural heritage, such as architecture, will impress everyone.

Along with material elements, the mediteranean vegetation in Dalmatia is another important factor.

Destination of Dalmatia and sights

Dalmatia is also a favorite destination for those looking for a peaceful holiday. Probably the most popular sites include National Parks. In addition, Dalmatia offers delicious food and drinks, as well as breathtaking nature. There are tourists both inside and outside of the cities. In addition, all of that contributes to a unique atmosphere. For instance, you can feel walking along the sea or down the narrow city streets.

Those are the characteristics of some of the most famous tourist cities in Dalmatia, like Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir, Split, Makaraska, and Dubrovnik.

Above all, Dalmatia is very well known for its islands. On average, they are the sunniest parts of the whole region.

Cultural importance of Dalmatia

Traditional exhibitions like sword dancing can be really interesting. One of the most popular games like that is  “Moreska”, from the island of Korcula. In fact, the most groups that are making sure such traditions stay preserved come from Korcula, and they are called ‘kumpanis’.

When it comes to the town of Sinj, a knight’s game has been played there since the 18th century. Therefore, it is a valuable Croatian traditional treasure, protected by UNESCO.

Another very interesting game that attracts a lot of attention is children’s ‘alka’ performed without a horse.

The mute circuit is a special kind of circuit that is danced in the Dalmatian inland. Its special feature is that it is performed without singing and unaccompanied instruments. In addition, the names of that circuit are also the deaf circuit, the dull circuit, the hollow circuit, etc. This circuit is also listed on UNESCO- World Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Part of this heritage also make various legends and folk tales. One of the most common is about a woman during wars with the Ottoman Empire. In addition, she threw a large piece of cheese at one of the attackers. Seeing that people are throwing food at them, the Ottomans thought that the supplies of food and water in the fort were so big. As well they realised that it would be impossible to siege it, and as a result, they decided to withdraw.

Destination Dalmatia
Destination Dalmatia
Destination Dalmatia

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