In the last centuries the Roman authorities in Dalmatia along our Adriatic coast, and especially on the islands, lived many hermits and monks who voluntarily withdrew from worldly noise to devote themselves to prayer and a deeper spiritual life in a convenient place without any interference.

The hermits lived either solitary or in small groups in humble huts or caves, devoting themselves to prayer and reflection. Working in a garden or orchard, or fishing, they provided themselves with a modest diet.

How many wonderful memories evoke the churches of Our Lady of Prizidnica, the church of the Holy Cross, the church of St. Maura and the church of St. Ante on Ciovo. They were the favorite dwellings of priests, hermits and penitents.

There is a strange feeling when one enters these shrines,  don’t  look at their width and height not observe the huge pillars, don’t admire the magnificence of the temple, but these places are  exalted to heart and soul.


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