The Town of Trogir


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City of Trogir

Beautiful Trogir has a prime spot on the Dalmatian Coast. Trogir is a historic town and harbor on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. City of Trogir is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List 2014 as the most beautiful island city in the world. Ancient Greeks first came to this area some 2300 years ago. Because of it, they left a big influence on the city. Trogir have Venetian architecture. Furthermore, Trogir is located on an island between the island of Ciovo and the mainland. Small bridges connect Trogir with the mainland and Ciovo. Likewise, Trogir is high concentrated with palaces, churches, and towers.

The City of Trogir and its History

In the 3rd century Tragurion was founded by Greek colonist. The name comes from the Greek “tragos” (male goat). From the 9th century on, Trogir paid tribute to Croatian rulers and to the Byzantine empire. In addition, Trogir gained its autonomy as town in 1107. During the Roman Empire, Trogir was very popular among many emperors and soldiers. Trogir is place full of life and a center for culture.

Without a doubt, Trogir is rich with cultural and historical importance. Further, Trogir is a remarkable example of urban continuity.




The Town of Trogir

Culture in the city

‘Trogir Cultural Summer’ is a name for the set of events organized during summer in Trogir. Likewise, it includes various things like open concerts, fishing nights and traditional dances. Moreover, wide selection of local foods and drinks, as well as hand made products.

Above all, city is having the oldest pharmacy in Europe. Therefore, it attracts a lot of tourists. Probably the biggest attraction is the beautiful church of St. Lawrence. For instance, some other popular sites include:

  • Historical city core
  • The city gate and city walls
  • The Fortress Kamerlengo
  • The Duke’s Palace
  • The Cathedral with the Portal of Master Radovan
  • The big and small palaces Cipiko


The Town of Trogir

Attractions The Town of Trogir

St Lawrence Cathedral is Trogir’s show-stopping attraction because of its three-naved Venetian cathedral. Trogir have outstanding Renaissance and Baroque buildings from the Venetian period. The following sights should also be visited in the city:

Kamerlengo Tower

Cipiko Palace

City gate

Rector’s Palace

Trogir waterfront

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

Benedictine monastery of Sv. Nicholas

City Museum

Sacred Art Museum

The tree of love

The most beautiful island city in the world

The Town of Trogir
The Town of Trogir

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