Bol is one of the leading tourist centers on the Adriatic. He is the first named tourist champion in 1965. As well, he is the oldest coastal settlement on Brač. It exists in the solitude of the landscape, at the foot of the Bol crown and Vidova Mountain. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Radio and Television consider Bol to be the tourist champion of Croatia.


City of Bol

City of Bol was first mentioned in 1184, although only as a site. However, the first evidence of Bol as a settlement dates back to October 10, 1475. The name most likely came from the Latin word ‘vallum’ which literally means ‘rampart’. The urban core of Bol is shaped along the port. There are baroque summer residence, Loza, with a little church, renaissance-baroque palace with an art gallery inside it.

You can find more about Bol on the website: https://www.bol.hr/discover-bol/about-bol-en1 .

City of Bol and its history

The city of Bol was built on the site of a Roman settlement, however, a group of arab tribes, Saracens, destroyed it in 827. Still, pieces of old Christian decorations have been preserved in the church of St. John (probably from the 11th century), and on the walls around the Dominican monastery. In the 15th century, a gothic castle was built next to the town’s dock, as well as the Renaissance – style house (of the Jelicic family) in the 17th century.

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