Hotel Sveti Kriz Hotel is surrounded by old Dalmatian historical cities like Split with its palace Dijoklecijanovom, Solin with an old saloon, Omis, Klis from their fortresses which defended Split from the Turks. But there are also worth mentioning the islands of Brac, Hvar and Vis.

Diocletian’s Palace – Split

located in the old town of Split, and gave her emperor Diocletian built in the 3rd century, as it would be withdrawn before age. The palace is the Cathedral of St. Duje, who is also the patron saint of Split, the Peristyle, which is extensively restored in recent years. Today is the summer place in that part of many tourist events, programs and events some of which are Diocletian dinner and evening of traditional music. The value of Diocletian’s Palace, a world cultural heritage has been recognized by UNESCO itself, which is the same and protect the 1979th year.

Ancient Salona – Solin

Ancient Salona, Colonia Martia Julia Salona, the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, was built at the confluence of the rivers Jadro protected bay at the foot of Kozjak. There before the arrival of the Romans and Italics Delmati and Greek merchants.

About the size, prosperity and opulence of ancient city is attested by the impressive city walls with towers and gates, a forum with the temples, a theater, an amphitheater, and the unique monuments of early Christian episcopal church at the cemetery where the martyrs were buried Salona (Manastirine, Kapljuč, Marusinac).

After the migration of peoples on the part of the ruined and abandoned Salona settled the Croatians. At Our Lady’s Island and along the river Jadra Croatian rulers built new churches and create a center of Croatian Solin.


During the Middle Ages, Omis was notorious because of the Omis pirates, who, using a specially built ships called “Sagittae” (Arrow) over three hundred years ruled the Adriatic Sea. Despite numerous military alliance against Omis, including even a crusade against Omis, which proclaimed the Pope himself, it was the 1444th Venice was able to put an end to centuries of domination Omiska Adriatic. Venice has succeeded, thanks to increasingly present threat to Turkey and rule the whole of Dalmatia, except Dubrovnik and only city of Omis. The threat of the Turks became increasingly higher, but the Turks never conquered Omis. Because of continuing threats from land and sea fortress built Starigrad (Fortica) Peovica (Mirabella) and hammock, and the city is surrounded by a high wall. In the area Priko is the most important belonged monument, St. Peter’s Church, built in the 10th century.