You can enjoy your holiday at the hotel Sveti Križ with different medical treatments and relax with a treatment at our wellness centre where you can rejuvenate your body and mind as well as sustain and improve your health! We also give dental services provided by the dentist at our center. We treat conditions and diseases that affect the mouth and teeth and make removable artificial replacements for one or more teeth.

Therapeutic treatments of spine conditions

-medical examination
-remedial exercises
-partial massage
-paraffin compresses
-electroprocedure according to physician’s advice

Antidiabetic treatment includes:
-medical examination
-functional test
-physical activities on daily basis
-sauna, hydromassage, massage
-special diet recommended by dietitian

Stress management treatment includes:
-functional test of muscles and cardiovascular system
-physical exercises in accordance with the test results
-daily massage programmes, mudbath and sauna
-medical examination
-final functional test of muscles and cardiovascular system

Rheumatism treatment:

-physiotherapy in accordance with specialist’s findings

-individual or group remedial exercises
-electrotherapy (infra-red heat treatment)
-special course of food
-professional advice and education

Asthma treatment:
We educate our patients and teach them different methods  of relieving sudden attacks of the disease. The treatment also includes:
-marine therapy
-respiratory exercises, relaxation exercises
-walking through the pine forest